Founded by Kendell Ryan, NOIRE was created for the woman stepping into her own. Her own style, her own journey and her own story. Each piece is crafted and selected with the upmost precision. 

    At NOIRE, we take pride in every collection we launch by working closely with jewelers who share our commitment of authenticity, sustainability and integrity.


    We take pride in ensuring the quality of our pieces. We aim to create ethically sourced and handmade pieces. We work closely with local and international jewelers to find the most precious metals and priceless crystals to curate products you will cherish forever.


    Beautifully crafted jewelry doesn’t have to drain your wallet.

    We believe you deserve the finest jewelry without paying a fortune. We create and provide budget-friendly and unique pieces to elevate your everyday look. 

Note From the Founder

I created NOIRE for everybody, but black women are my inspiration. We are unique, beautiful and timeless, which is how I think of each piece. I want everyone to feel just as timeless and beautiful as the pieces they purchase.

With Love,

Kendell Ryan, CEO & Founder